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June 7, 2009

Most of us think that hackers are bad people doing destructive things online! Some think that they are criminals, virus-spreader, steal online information, etc.
These thoughts cover our eyes from seeing the reality which is hackers are not just online criminals but hackers can be good people, that they can be company assets.

Who are the good hackers? They are called Ethical Hackers! Ethical hackers are hackers trained to protect and help companies become more competitive through strengthening their IT Security. They will become company assets.

Why companies should have Ethical Hackers?

Computers around the world are systematically being victimized by rampant hacking. This hacking is not only widespread, but is being executed so flawlessly that the attackers compromise a system, steal everything of value and completely erase their tracks within 20 minutes. It takes a hacker to stop a hacker.

If you are interested to be a CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER, EC-Council iClass will help you provide the knowledge you need! They are offering training for #CEH. You can learn lots of hacking skills from them such as, hacking laws, system hacking, phishing, session hijacking, hacking web servers, footprinting, denial-of-service and a lot more.

And you know what, there is a great demand on these skills. Job offers for these people are increasing!

They offer these categories for those who are interested:

Security fundamentals, Ethical hacking, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Disaster Recovery and Secure Programming and other #CEH courses!


Ethical Hacking

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