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Create your Movie with Moviestorm

Posted by R a N | Wednesday, December 09, 2009 | 0 comments »

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Moviestorm. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are times that we don’t like how a movie ends, how the movie starts, or how the movie flows. These dislikes usually happen when we want a certain movie should flow, what should be the plot, where should be the settings or so on. If we are just the director of a certain movie, we could anything we want. Moviestorm gives us the chance to create our own movie. Is it hard to create one? Definitely No, for Moviestorm provide us everything we need to direct our own movie. Moviestorm provides us lots of themes, charactes, musics and sounds, interiors, exteriors and even special effects. How was that?

If given the chance I would probably create a horror film, the perfect setting for me would be at a haunted mansion and of course with the best special effects to thrill my viewers. You, what movie would you like to create?

And good news guys because Moviestorm offers free basic setup if you do have the ability to pay slightly extra for additional characters, props or animations. But you know what, it’s worth paying for. There are lots of features such as:

Basic Features
• Get going quickly with our library of ready-to-use stock sets, including interiors, exteriors, and even spaceships!
• Customise the stock sets or build your own from scratch
• Save your sets and re-use them in other movies
• Buy more props and sets from the Moviestorm store

Sample Screenshot:

So what you are waiting for? Think now of what movie you want to create, subscribe [ Moviestorm subscriptions ] and leave the rest to Moviestorm!

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