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Do you own an iPhone? If you do, then you should have this application! With easy steps, you can enjoy the things you want while you earn money from doing it. This application is call WeReward. WeReward is the application that pays you when you check-in to locations, like for example, you want to eat pizza, just search for it from this app and then, get a video of you buying that pizza and then earn points. That's it. Simple huh? Another way to earn points is to perform real world tasks and refer a friend. Each point is worth a penny. You can turn your points in to cash via PayPal. WeReward ties in to all of your different social media apps including Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, so while you are enjoying your pizza, you can tweet your experience about it, while you earn money. It's like spending, while enjoying, while earning! Where ever you look, you win!

I have a video here from youtube, if you are really interested on this application you should watch this first!

For more information you can visit the and get to know more about it. And if you really wan to have the application right now, you can Download the App! Enjoy Guys

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