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I am an online gamer, an old fashioned online gamer! lol. Why old fashioned? I only play old online games. One of the online games I really like is Ragnarok! Old huh? Yah, it's kinda old, it's not even a 3D game. But what makes me addicted to this game? Technically saying, this game is really outdated! What makes it addictive is community, how the game involve the player itself, just like latest online games. It's an RPG(role playing game) which actually makes you much involve to the game, players might imagine they are the one playing (inside the game)! Because Ragnarok players might think that way, their emotions, attitudes and even personality might also be seen in their game-characters! You will understand this if you are a RPG gamer. yeah!

I've been playing ragnarok online for years now! (Private Server Though)! The game evolves as time passes by, lots of updates and changes - new maps, new monsters, characters, quests, items etc. Maybe that is why there are still online gamers still play Ragnarok (including me haha). I played different servers, locals and international servers. Each server is unique and its up to you what kind of server you like, Hi-rate, mid-rate, low-rate. I am currently playing RebornRO! I've been playing this server for 6months now. I love the server coz its a Philippine Server, its host is located in the Philippines and that means, not much delay and lag. It's a medium rate server and follows the official Ragnarok rules(though some are customized)! The server is balance, GMs are active, Lots of quests and more. I suggest you try this server! The community is growing! I'm sure you will love the game!

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