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"Summer is hot and so are we"!!! That was the crew's theme when we invaded the Sarangani Beach Festival last May 28-29, 2010!! It was a 3-day celebration (May 27-29, 2010)! The crew assembled Friday night, 28th. TGIF! We traveled for almost 5 hours under a mad sky! sigh! That was tiring especially for the boss which happened to be the driver! lol! ("Boss J"). Every pit stop is an adrenaline Rush for the anxious yet excited crew, pumpin' our blood to the climax while wonderin' what's waiting for us there!

Past 11pm, the crew at last arrived! Our heads is beatin' with the music, closer and closer, faster and faster! The 'booty area' was very alive and hell yeah people were freakin' dancin' like it was their last! the moment we stepped our feet in the sand, brought out the red box with chill'n-ice cold beer inside, that's the time the crew officially named as SAMALAMIG CREW! Hell Yeah! The coolest crew in the Fest! Crew started chill'n, dancin and yellin' "samalamig, samalamig, samalamig"!! The crew heavily felt the night-beach fest!! J and me were down at 4am, rested on a small crib like babies, while RR, skwal, ang panchit spent d' dawn holding sanmig lights talkin "estoryang binotbot"! When I woke up 6am, the first thing I heard was panchit yeallin' SHOT SHOT SHOT! Sanmig coffee was officially outran by Sanmig Light as d best morning drink! Thanks to panchit! lol! Hidden in our crib, I saw J doin' his job, nice stealthy moves by J though! Girls watch out! lol!
The crew enjoyed the morning, j and panchit exposed their bodies, feelin the cold morning beach water while skwal me and rr stayed and doing stealthy moves again! We lasted till 1pm, sun was at its peak! Shore started to get filled with hot bikinis! which was actually the most exciting part! lol! Watching them do their job, the crew starts making people think "How I wish I belong to their crew"! Each grab a bottle of ice cold beer chillin under the heat of the sun! Every drop of the beer in our thirsty throat is like yellin' "samalamig samalamig samalamig!"! We are the only crew doing that! deym hell yeah, thats why we are the coolest crew in the fest! eyes and brain filled with memories, the crew decided to end the fun! Crew start packing things, it was quick like a blink of an eye! haha! that's how we said 'goodbye and gracias' to Gumasa Beach! Simple huh?! We headed straight to Gensan for a late lunch and then went home straight to D.C!! Bye Summer!

And that's how Samalamig Crew Ended the summer! Unforgettable hot summer experience! Now, we are suffering the nature's punishment! SunBurn! ahahaha! lol

Samalamig Crew: rr-j-panchit-didoy-skwal